The VICE Guide to Being Trans
Transsexualism was first classified as a medical condition by a surgeon called Harry Benjamin. Today, rather than calling it plain old transsexualism, some trans women like to tell people that they are suffering from Harry Benjamin Disorder. These “classic” transsexuals see themselves as special; better and more female than other trans women, and more female than anyone, actually. They will kill you if you try to shelter them under your cozy transgender umbrella. So make sure to leave them out in the rain.
– The VICE Guide to Being Trans, Paris Lees

Please Note ..

.. this article is deliberately written to be mostly satirical.

Also, it contains much vulgarity and curse words. I LOVE IT.

Because this is the first piece like this (naughty words, references to sexual activity and body parts) I will refer you to the disclaimer at the side of every page on the blog. Further warnings will not be given.