Unlearning the Western Gender Binary

Cultures around the world have different ways of talking about, thinking about, and identifying gender. It’s often a challenge for (particularly cis-sexual) Westerns to think about other ways gender can be socially constructed. Westerns have the false equivalency of gender and sex drilled into their eternal psyche from the time they are very young, and re-enforced through examples in popular culture. There is no biological reality to gender. Many Westerners have the bizarre belief that one’s XY-sex-determination should also inform one’s gender identity, a socially constructed role in society.
– The People's Record

There is no such thing as a correct, or proper gender..

.. only that by which individuals identify themselves. Our current understanding of gender in Western culture reinforces the alienation that trans* folk feel — and by the same token non-binary-identifying folk are alienated further. This article highlights the cultural gender diversity in other parts of the world and in history.