Dear Julie Burchill
it is generally a good idea for those who feel oppressed to express their anger at their oppressors
– asregardsyourlatestpiece

It's a response..

.. to the recent bullshit that's been going around in British media about trans* folk — especially trans women, and how bullying, derailing tactics and plain-faced trans misogyny, transphobia and cissexism are all apparently just fine by the standards of the mainstream media. And also when these bigots are called out for it, a whole shitstorm of abuse is flung far and wide by these hate-filled people.

The reason I want you to read it isn't so you can catch up with the events of the last few days — but instead to read a good blog post on what trans folk — trans women are up against in terms of attitudes and misconceptions. And it's an opportunity to educate yourself on some basics, some language and terms used in the community. Because when I've been speaking with cis folk about some of these issues I've noticed the blank looks. I think the post is quite good.  :)

Maybe some of you think you're an ally or friend to trans* people, but if generally speaking you're not on board with what the author is saying here, then maybe you aren't. Just think about it.

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