Dear Media, Advertisers etc., It’s time you recognized the reality of transgender people.
While there is little firm data, a variety of reports indicate that anywhere from .3%-2% of the population has had strong transgender feelings, and .1% to .5% of the population has actively transitioned in some way. Looking at the United States alone, that allows a conservative estimate of 1.5 million people. Globally the numbers become staggering, particularly if you factor in how rapidly social acceptance and embrace of gender variance is developing.

That’s a lot of trans people.

There's some nice..

.. YouTube videos in this post from the world of advertising that feature trans people. And the post goes on to mention some successful trans women in their respective fields (which is how I happened across Mina Caputo from my last post). It's all very binary focused but still a nice little post to get the attention of those who wish to earn a few of our 'purple' pounds (and dollars).