My name is Aeryn

Aeryn is a name I chose fairly spontaneously. It seemed that a few of my online friends were choosing names and I thought I'd give it a go. I thought I'd try a name on and see how I like it. I had previously thought that because I really do like my birth name, I would just continue to use that no matter my identity or presentation. And I don't like the two feminine versions of my birth names so that was definitely not an option.

So I tried Aeryn for a bit online, and my friends were using it. It felt kinda nice.

Then I was going to my very first, real life trans* meeting. When the date of the meeting approached I suddenly started panicking about my privacy and stuff and realised I definitely didn't want to give my real name at the meeting. And that included a surname too. So I made up a surname quite last minute and introduced myself as Aeryn.

And now I've been to another meeting, I really, really like using that name. So I'm gonna keep it. But for now only in trans* spaces and online. I don't know if I'll ever adopt it legally or not. Maybe, maybe not.

FYI: I prefer the pronunciation AIR-UN with the emphasis on AIR. This is the same as you will hear in the TV show I took the name from, Farscape.