How to Respect me…and all other tg’s.

  • Asking about peoples’ genitals and how they have sex is not appropriate, in the same way that asking cisgendered (people born in the sex they identify as) people how they have sex is not appropriate.
  • Everyone is different and most transgender people will be glad to answer any questions – but if they are uncomfortable answering, or don’t want to, then let it go. If you need to know, use the resources below.
  • Not all transgender people get a sex change (SRS, or Sexual Reassignment Surgery or gender confirmation surgery), so don’t automatically think that is the plan. Don’t assume that it’s appropriate to ask about a person’s plans for surgery, hormones, and so forth, any more than you would pry into someone else’s medical affairs.
  • There is no “cure” for being transgender, except to correct the physical appearance to match the mental gender identity. There is a problem with the body, not the mind.
  • Do not call their transsexuality or transgenderness a “choice.” Whether you believe it is a choice or not, transgender people themselves generally do not feel that it is a choice. If you want to respect them, it’s not helpful to treat their situation as a choice (even if you personally believe it is).
  • Even if you have objections to transgenderedness, you should always respect the person and never willfully embarrass them publicly. Embarrassing or humiliating the person does no good for anyone.
  • Avoid the use of pornography industry phrases like “tranny” and “shemale.” These terms are considered very offensive, as they imply a connection between the person you are talking to and pornography. Also avoid mainstream heteronormative terms like “he-she.”

My Comment

The whole post is great, I have selected a few pertinent points above.