educating myself

i often get stuck thinking about what to post here
i often think, keep it simple
i end up worrying if something i want to post is too trans (haha). or too out there

i remember when i first joined the online trans community and i was reading and reading and reading, just soaking this stuff up. and understanding like 1% of it. gradually tho, it worked it's way through my brain, the same stuff going round and round until it's starts sinking in.

let me tell you, i have had to educate myself. and it's hard work. i'm open minded but i've lived my life within certain boundaries, this stuff is so new to me it's mind blowing sometimes. i've asked questions of course and there's been help from some very willing people. but it's hard. I've noticed a slow change in my attitude on stuff, not just about gender, loads of things. I've found that I've started caring about wider issues than just my issues, my self.

educating myself and opening my mind is a journey. it takes time and there isn't a right way of doing it.

with this blog, i realise i don't have a lot of time to worry about curating stuff for my target audience: friends and family (are you reading this?). but i can easily repost stuff i find elsewhere, in the haphazard and random way in which it comes to me. some of it might not even seem relevant, but it will be in some way.

so there you go. all i can do is dump you at the point i was at early this year. but i can answer questions as best i can.